Level 2 Chimney Inspections

Many people may not realize that chimney’s are not fully inspected during a home inspection. A home inspection covers the portions of a chimney that are readily accessible.  Chimney inspections that include video scanning the inside portions of a chimney require a certified chimney inspector and are outside the scope of a home inspection.  Chimney’s are often overlooked and can be costly to repair.  Your chimney functions as the lungs of your home protecting you by expelling caustic exhaust and allowing your heating appliances to operate fully and efficiently.

Cracked fireplace liner found during Level 2 Chimney inspection for a real estate transaction.

 Due to high costs of repair and the health risk associated with a poorly performing chimney it is recommended that you have a Level 2 chimney inspection if:

  • You are buying a home with a chimney.
  • You are planning on replacing your furnace or boiler.
  • You are adding a woodstove or other solid fuel appliance to your chimney.
  • After an event such as a chimney fire, lightning strike or an accident involving your chimney.
Collapsed Chimney Liner

J.S. Kelley Home Inspections has recently added level 2 chimney inspections to provide thorough inspection services to clients.  J.S. Kelley is the only chimney inspector on the seacoast that is not affiliated with a chimney service or repair company.  The report you receive is not an estimate as many chimney inspectors provide but rather a thorough unbiased examination of your heating and venting system.  J.S. Kelley has developed an inspection report that can and has been used by many chimney service companies to provide estimates for repair or replacement.  J.S. Kelley has several years of experience in the heating and venting industry and is a Certified Chimney Professional and a Licensed Home Inspector.  J.S.Kelley now offers Level II chimney inspections in Southern Maine and New Hampshire.